What is a Service Desk:

  • The Service Desk is a single point of contact (SPOC) for end-users who need help.
  • Without this single point of contact an organisation would face major losses in time spent on looking for ways to fix issues and get help.

Incident Handling at the Service Desk (Flow Chart)

Apart from the Call Centre, all Service Desk types perform the following activities:

– Receive all calls and e-mails on incidents
– Incident recording
– Incident Classification
– Incident Prioritisation
– Incident Escalation
– Search for work-around
– Update the customer and IT group on progress
– Report to Management, Process Managers and customers and more

Functions of a Service Desk:

The primary functions of the Service Desk are:

  • Incident control
  • Life cycle management of all service requests
  • Communicating with the customer.

Good Service Desk

A good Service Desk improves:

  • A company’s customer satisfaction by allowing the company to implement their business plan.
  • A company’s satisfaction by managing IT costs while managing the lifecycles of the IT processes and by utilizing ITIL best practices.
  • A good Service Desk communicates effectively and efficiently with each end user. There are many more things a good Service Desk does well, it is the next step in allowing your company to focus specifically on your business plan.

Overview and short summary of the Service Desk

  • The Service Desk is a vitally important part of any IT organization and should be the single point of contact for IT users on a day-by-day basis.

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