In the scenario that you already have a new Forest created for example as part of the new platform. Then I will show you below how to setup a setup a 1 way Outgoing Forest trust between this and

This will allow users using login to authenticate and access resources they are allowed to in the

– Launch AD Domains & Trusts in

– Right click & Properties

– Trusts tab > New Trust

– Specify as the forest we want to trust

– Select Forest Trust

– One-way Outgoing trust

– Create the trust for “Both this domain and the specified domain”

– Provide credentials for a Domain Admin for both forests

– Select “Forest-wide authentication”

– Accept Defaults and then Confirm the outgoing and incoming trust

– This should then complete and we can view the trust setup on both Forests

– Finally, test to confirm it’s working!

Hope you liked the steps above and feel free to comment below if you have any questions or suggestions! #levelitup 📈

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